100% Stiff Black Horsehair – Counter Brush

General Purpose Brushes

Gornell Brushes are industrial quality, long-lasting, efficient, and ideal for tradesmen, manufacturers, and maintenance professionals. General purpose brushes are crafted for industry professionals working with automatic machinery, equipment, and hand tools. At Gornell Brush, we manufacture general purpose brushes in a wide variety of shapes and materials for stoves and other appliances, welding applications, typewriters, and much more! Learn about all of the general purpose brushes we have in stock, or contact us today to learn more about our custom brush making capabilities.

100% Stiff Black Horsehair Counter Brush

100% Stiff Black Horsehair – Counter Brush

100% stiff black horsehair counter brushes are made for fine sweeping on smooth surfaces. At Gornell Brush, we have three options for you to choose from that come in brush widths of 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inches. With different width options available, you are able to decide which brush is best for cleaning debris and dust. These brushes are available and ready to be shipped to you!

Small Utility Brush

General Purpose Brush – Small Utility Brush

This premium general purpose brush is designed for light to heavy-duty scrubbing and is made with a curved, smooth hardwood block or plastic handle. With its smaller size, you will be able to clean and scrub small surface areas such as seams and joints. We have 7 options available for you to choose from that include filaments of crimped brass, stainless steel, white nylon, and crimped aluminum.

Large Utility Brush

General Purpose Brush – Large Utility Brush

Specifically made to be a white sidewall tire and grill brush, you will know that you are doing your job right! At Gornell Brush we designed our large utility brush with a smooth, hardwood block or plastic handle for easy grip and less fatigue on your hands. We have 5 brush options available that are crafted with crimped brass, crimped stainless steel, or white nylon.

Suede and Nail Brushes

General Purpose Brush – Suede and Nail Brushes

Suede and nail brushes are flat and used for removing ingrained dirt in suede or getting under the nail surface itself. We’ve designed these general purpose brushes with a smooth hardwood block that has a hand groove for improved grip. Each block is able to be designed in 5 different ways with different filament options such as: crimped brass, white Tampico, synthetic, black nylon stiff, and white nylon medium stiff. These options allow you to choose which stiffness and durability are the best for the job that you are going to accomplish.

Gornell Brush’s Commitment to Professionals

Gornell Brush has long been respected as a premier manufacturer of industrial and maintenance brushes for over 100 years. The precision and quality that we deliver, combined with our team’s talent, knowledge, and dedication allows you to have a wide selection of products that work. Beyond our general purpose brush inventory, we also offer custom brush applications and design services for your specific needs! Learn more about our products online, or contact us to learn more about our custom engineering and production services!