Industrial and maintenance professionals today are looking for a great selection of industrial brushes, with different filaments and handle options for their day to day work. Finding a great industrial brush supplier that is easy to work with and provides high quality products is no easy task. Cheaply made products from inexperienced suppliers will leave both you and your customers unhappy. Here’s some insight into how you can be sure you’re working with the right industrial brush supplier.

Product Quality

Industrial quality means that the brushes need to be well-made, often long-lasting, efficient and ideal for tradesmen and professionals. As a respected manufacturer of industrial and maintenance brushes for over 100 years, we can tell you that product quality drives everything we do at Gornell Brush. Gornell Brushes are manufactured from the highest quality materials available, using the latest in automated equipment and by experienced and highly skilled craftsmen! We are always improving our methods and finding the best products and materials for you.

Product Availability

Whether you need a small or large order of custom brushes or standard brushes, you deserve an industrial brush manufacturer that can make it happen for you.

Gornell Brush can work with you to design and manufacture and design brushes to meet your needs. If you look through our assortment of brushes and still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us about a custom brush order! Designing customized brushes has been part of Gornell Brush business since the beginning. If your customers are looking for something specific, or are asking you often for a certain brush type, Gornell Brush has you covered!

Customer Service

The best industrial brush manufacturer is one that can answer your questions and will work with you to find the right solutions.

At Gornell Brush, we work hard to understand what our customers are looking for and what industry professionals want and need from industrial brushes. We have experts that are ready to assist you in finding the right solutions whether that be helping you find the correct brush from our current stock, or working through the design process with you to create custom brushes.  We have sales and customer service support that is available when you need it, along with in-house engineering and design for custom projects.

Industry Reputation

Gornell Brush has over 125 years of quality and service experience! We were established in 1892 by Edward Gornell and have been a well-respected company located on the westside of Chicago, Illinois since then. Our industrial brushes have been industry-favorites for tradesmen for decades. We proudly offer a wide selection of the highest quality brushes and cleaning tools available. Gornell Brush is large enough to handle any size job, while still maintaining personal service and quality. This allows you to provide your customers with brushes that work while having a team in your back pocket that you can trust.

Gornell Brush’s Commitment to Professionals

Gornell Brushes are industrial quality, long-lasting, efficient and ideal for tradesmen, manufacturers and maintenance professionals. Our brushes are crafted for industry professionals working with automatic machinery, equipment and hand tools. At Gornell Brush, we manufacture our brushes in a wide variety of shapes and materials to service the maintenance and repair, cleaning and graphic arts industries and more.  Learn about all of the brushes we have in stock, or contact us today to learn more about our custom brush making capabilities.