Fine Wire Hand Scratch Brushes – Welder Wood Handle

Fine Wire Hand Scratch Brushes

Gornell Brushes are manufactured from the highest quality materials available by experienced and highly skilled craftsmen. Fine wire scratch brushes are crafted for industry professionals working with automatic machinery, equipment, and hand tools.  These brushes are very versatile cleaning brushes.  At Gornell Brush, we manufacture fine wire hand scratch brushes in a wide variety of shapes and materials for stoves and other appliances, welders, typewriters, and much more! Learn about all of the wire scratch brushes we have in stock, or contact us today to learn more about our custom brush-making capabilities.

Welder Wood Handle Brushes

Predominantly used in aluminum welding applications, these wire scratch brushes are widely used in the aircraft and missile industries, but also lend themselves to great brushes to have on hand for general cleaning.  Gornell Brush’s welder wood handle brushes are crafted from solid hardwood and can be manufactured with a hole in the handle for convenient hanging and storage. We have brushes in stock and are ready to ship with stainless steel, fine brass, bronze, black nylon, and horsehair fill styles as well as a variety of packaging options.

Welder Black Plastic Handle Brushes

Black plastic handle brushes are crafted with stainless steel, fine brass, bronze, natural nylon, and horsehair.  Our black plastic handle brushes are made with a hand-fitting handle that has a convenient hole for hanging. Blue handles are available upon special request!

Two Sided Welder Black Plastic Handle Brushes

Two Sided Welder, Black Plastic HandleDesigned with two filament types on either end of the brush, two-sided welder brushes can be used to both clean and prep the surface before and after welding. The combination of filaments for this brush are: bronze/black nylon, stainless steel/black nylon, brass/black nylon, stainless steel/white nylon, stainless steel/brass, and stainless steel/bronze.

Stove and Appliance Brushes

Fine Wire Hand Scratch Brushes – Stove and Appliance Brush

Stove and appliance brushes help to remove buildup, reduce odors and improve the functionality and lifespan of your appliances. This scouring brush has a curved smooth hardwood handle that is finely crafted and durable. There are 3 brush options available made with fill materials of stainless steel, crimped brass and aluminum. These different filament options allow for you to choose which brush stiffness is best suited for the job that you’re trying to accomplish.

Typewriter Utility Brushes

Straight hardwood handle utility brush

Typewriter utility brushes are perfect for confined or impossible-to-reach places! At Gornell Brush, we have 6 filament styles for you to choose from with our typewriter utility brushes: stainless steel, crimped brass, steel, bronze, nylon and horsehair. All of these filament types are crafted on our straight hardwood handle utility brush.

Typewriter Upright Brushes

Typewriter Upright Brushes

Designed to clean confined, inaccessible areas, typewriter upright brushes are made with short filaments on a smooth hardwood block. Five options are available and ready to ship with stainless steel, brass, steel, nylon and horsehair. The filament options will allow you to decide which brush type would be the best fit for your professional job.

Black Horsehair Brush

Black Horsehair Fine Wire Hand Scratch Brushes

Our black horsehair brush is made with a foam handle with the bristles in one row. This is a great brush to use for the removal of fine dust and powders. The non-slip foam handle is designed to increase grip and improve performance.

Typewriter Utility Nylon Brush

Typewriter Utility Nylon Brush

Typewriter utility nylon brushes allow you to remove debris from surfaces. The high-quality plastic handle is built to last and features a nylon fill material. This brush is available and ready to ship to you so that it can become an essential brush in your collection!

Dual-End Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brushes

Dual End Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush

Our scouring brush is crafted with a curved smooth hardwood handle that is built to last. There are 3 brush options available for you to choose from that include fill materials of nylon (.014 nylon and .010 nylon), .006 straight bronze and .006 straight stainless steel. These brushes are professionally crafted to clean small, tight spaces.

Gornell Brush’s Commitment to Professionals

At Gornell Brush, we are dedicated to providing experienced and highly skilled craftsmen with the brushes to get the job done. The precision and quality that we deliver, combined with our team’s talent, knowledge, and dedication allows you to have a wide selection of products that work. We also offer custom brush applications and design services for your specific needs! Learn more about our products online, or contact us to learn more about our custom engineering and production services!