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Brushes for All Industries

Whether you need a small order of custom brushes or a large order of standard brushes, E. Gornell & Sons, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, can meet your needs. We can easily manufacture any style and type of brush, from tiny detailing tools to large rotary discs.

Custom Made Brushes

Since our establishment in 1892, we have been designing and manufacturing various types of special brushes for a wide variety of industries. Today, the creation of special brushes is still an integral part of our overall business effort. We use our modern CNC equipment along with our experience and engineering knowledge to create both small and large production orders of your special brush.

Wire Scratch

Our steel wire hand scratch brushes are heavily filled with specially tempered steel brush wire. We securely staple the tufts into solid hardwood, foam, or plastic blocks, smoothly finish the handle, and shape it for more comfortable brushing. The heavy fill and straight, even trim provides a uniform brushing face, making them excellent industrial tools for general cleaning.

Custom Yellow Brush

Welders & Platers Brushes

Keep your machinery clean with our welder and plater brushes. These are specially designed for general cleaning in the plating and metal finishing industry.

Printing & Graphic Artist Brushes

These brushes are manufactured using only the highest quality materials. We specialize in anilox roll brushes made from fine wire stainless steel and brass.

Collection of Wooden Brushes

Maintenance Brushes

Furnish your maintenance department with the most efficient, economical cleaning tools available. Our full line of cleaning tools are designed and tested for efficient industrial use, providing a wide selection of types and sizes for every maintenance requirement.

Power Brushes

Power brushes are a versatile, industrial tool used mostly in production by a wide cross-section of industries. Manufacturers recognize power brushes to be an efficient device, cutting manufacturing costs and improving product performance.

Channel Strip Brushes

Ideal for a variety of industrial uses, our metal channel strip brushes consist of natural or synthetic bristles. They are held securely in place by a U-shaped metal channel and center wire.

Handmade Wire Drawn Brushes

Our company has been making hand-drawn brushes since its inception and is one of only a handful of companies still offering this style of brush. During the labor-intensive process, each tuft is drawn through holes in the block and tied off. We use this style for irregular shaped brushes, prototypes, and specialty brushes when other means of manufacturing are not feasible.

Brush Types

Rotary Disc | Wheel | Twisted-in Wire | Scrub | Strip | Staple Set | Stainless Steel Wire | Nylon


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Static Brushes | Welding Supply Brushes | Cylinder Brushes


Polishing Brushes | Tire Brushes | Goblet Brushes | Automotive Brushes | Mirror Brushes | Golf Brushes | Brooms

Printing, Paint, & Graphic Arts

Acid Brushes | Paste Brushes | Anilox Roll Brushes | Textile Brushes | Detail Brushes